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Shut Up About Mary-Sues by nonobadpup Shut Up About Mary-Sues by nonobadpup
EDIT: Sorry, guys, I can't respond to all of the comments I'm getting on this. And I'm tired of hearing about everyone's OC's life stories about why their character "isn't a Mary-Sue." I can't and won't make judgement on whether characters are mary-sue or not. Sorry again for any inconvenience.

This stamp is something that I've been planning to do for a while now. Why? Because while Mary-Sues are no-good characters, people need to stop obsessing over them and trying to "take them down" or "kill them."

This term is also WAY over-used. If anyone has a female character, whether the character is actually a "mary-sue" or not, she gets labeled as such. There is such a thing as not liking someone's character without them being a mary-sue. Most of the time, creativity is limited because those who have female characters don't feel like they can do anything with her, for fear of being called a "mary-sue."

Some people feel that all characters (yes including males, though it happens less often) that are inserted into an already-existing fandom are automatically "mary-sue." If that is the way you feel about it, I'm sorry. Don't read fanfiction that has OCs in it then. While the VAST majority if fan characters fall into the cliche and "mary-sue" category, doesn't mean every single character does.

The point I'm trying to make is, though, shut up about mary-sues and get on with your life. Obsessing over a mary-sue is just as bad as obsessing over killing them. Both ways you look stupid. Let the little girls who write their mary-sues have their fun, flaming them isn't going to do anything. If you want to help them, do it politely, explain why you feel their character is lacking, and if they don't take your advice, no big deal. It's not your character.

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May 23, 2010
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